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IS IT A GAME? by KayZeSpy IS IT A GAME? by KayZeSpy
Assignment for my Digital Art class.

Propaganda poster.

For this image, I wanted to express my views on animal rights/hunting for sport/etc. But I didn't want to focus on the hunter. I chose, instead, to focus on the deer and prompt the viewer to put themselves in its place. To do this, I knew I would have to have elements in the image that were human - and I'd have to find a way to make the viewer see the deer and the human on the same level. I started by making an image that merged my human face with that of a deer (the photo I used was taken of a mounted deer head). The end result was what I wanted, but not suitable for my primary subject of the propaganda poster. The image was too abstract and broken for the viewer to see the innocence and life in the deer - it's hard to identify with half of a deer head. So I dug through my old vacation photos and found a few pictures I had taken of some deer that wandered up to a cabin in Ruidoso that I was staying in at the time. The image, as a whole, was meant to lead the viewer to question how much fun it would be if they were on the other end of the gun. If they were hunted.

My caption "IS IT A GAME?" was meant to hint at the common term "wild-game" (in reference to deer and other animals that are hunted), and the idea of hunting as a sport - as most sports classify a single instance of the sport as a game (ie, basketball game, football game). The question is meant to ask: Is LIFE a game? I chose a font that looked like script, and also had a harsh appearance. Instead of a "neat" and "uniform" font, I felt this "imperfect" font added more human elements to the image as well as implying a negative conotation.

I borrowed a few textures from a tutorial that covers this topic (color blending modes in photoshop). They can be found here > [link]
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October 11, 2012
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